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3 Fantastic Gift Subscriptions for Wine Enthusiasts

In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to three fantastic wine subscription services: WSJwine, Bright Cellars, and Firstleaf Wine Club.

  1. WSJwine: WSJwine, a collaboration with The Wall Street Journal,  is a subscription service that delivers expertly curated wines right to your doorstep. What sets WSJwine apart is the meticulous selection process.  Each year, their expert team tastes over 40,000 wines and selects less than 2%—the best of the best—to share with WSJ Wine customers.

  2. Bright Cellars: Bright Cellars takes a personalized approach to wine subscription services. Your recipient will complete a fun and insightful taste preference quiz that helps their team of expert Wine Concierges curate a selection of wines tailored to the recipient’s unique palate.  Tasting notes and pairing suggestions are a nice touch included with every bottle.

  3. Firstleaf Wine Club: Firstleaf Wine Club is a subscription service that also emphasizes customization. After answering a few short questions, recipients will receive a box of unique custom selected wines.  Recipients will enjoy rating each wine and developing/refining a unique taste profile. 

Whether you’re searching for a gift for a wine enthusiast or looking to treat yourself, these three wine subscription services have something for everyone. From expertly curated selections from WSJwine to the personalized recommendations of Bright Cellars and customized approach of Firstleaf Wine Club, these subscriptions offer a delightful way to explore the world of wine and expand your palate. So, raise a glass to great wine and even greater gifts!

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