Vermont Magazine

Vermont Magazine

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4 Print Issues Per Year


The calm, stillness and the serenity felt as you immerse yourself into the words and images of Vermont. The texture of the land, the stance of a 1946 John Deere tractor, the shadows of our history, the anticipation of what’s around the next corner – words will tumble into your mind and coalesce into waves of imaginings – pulling memories from your past or placing you on a mountain’s frost line as the painted leaves below cling and the crisp white above glistens. Take a moment and consider the collection of words and images we call Vermont Magazine. A perfect accompaniment for an overstuffed arm chair, a creaky porch rocker, or your favorite spot of shade – let us whisk you away from the plugs and tugs of everyday chaos. No connections, cables, wires, chargers, beeps or bings. None, save your connection to the mystical serenity called Vermont. Independently published since 1989, each issue knits words and images into the fabric of Vermont and crafts the pages of your Vermont Magazine. Be still, allow time to slide, travel with us through the wisps of Vermont time past and present.

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